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The Network of EPN Inc. is presented in order to assist and encourage.


We envision public schools as places where Educators will help students feel the freedom to express their faith and gain a quality academic appreciation for these values in every subject across the whole curriculum. We believe emphasis on unbiased teaching, which relates to culture, and values can be accomplished legally and appropriately within existing constitutional boundaries and in keeping with current laws and state standards.


We seek to provide information to those in the Education profession about  favorable school district policy concerning teaching values, ethics and religious topics. There will also be information and links to other supportive organizations that will assist in the presentation of each subject you are required to teach.



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EPN Inc.’s network, appreciates the request by many educators for confidentiality as well as support.  In becoming a part of the EPN Inc.’s network, the information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be used for any solicitation, or be sold to any organization.

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