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The name L.I.N.K. is an acronym for Living In a New Kingdom. Originally, L.I.N.K. was the name used for a 3 day Encounter in 2001 to help schools, churches and individuals learn what happens at the time of the Christian New Birth, as well as providing instruction on how to live the New Lifestyle of a true believer of the Gospel. L.I.N.K. later became the foundational Christ Centered Soul Care Counseling ministry of Educator’s Professional Network. The diagram that follows provides the present progression and continual ministry of the discipleship, counseling and consulting ministry of LINK.


LINK Consulting as directed by Jose Barreda provides a foundational, Biblical, Christ centered approach to counseling through an exchanged life by use of the Spirituotherapy Module. The process begins with an analysis of an individual, a couple and/or family. Reverend Barreda uses techniques drawn from several Biblical and psychological schools of thought. LINK Consulting is based on the complete work of Christ on the cross. The Spirituotherapy Module allows the counselors to guide participants through a process of intervention, assessment and the implementation of methods, which will bring light to the change a Life of Christ makes. 

Helping those who disciple others to live victoriously and counsel effectively

though a personal ministry model that is

clear, simplified, illustrated and demonstrated.

Christ-Centered Soul Care

Supportive Body                Directive Progress          Curative Training

Caring Community    Intentional Discipleship    Biblical Therapy

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