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EPN - I.C.E. (Missions)

International Cultural Experience

WE have been invited to various countries in the upcoming year(s) and are prayerfully considering taking individuals involved in education and other groups or individuals that may wish to be considered.


The purpose of EPN”s ICE (International Cultural Experience) includes two facets: 

1.  To bring awareness to those who travel with us an understanding of how each culture is not only different, but has a redemptive purpose and to know how to contribute to others and embrace each other’s differences. 

2.  To serve those in other countries or in other areas of the United States by working beside them to reach into their communities with the positive aspect of a Faith Based approach that will lead to a reconciliation of cultures.


Our Vision:


To provide educators and students with interactive cultural experiences which will develop international relationships by using methods, experience and service training to reform classrooms into an interactive global and reconciliatory culture.

1. To provide international trips and experiences for those in the education profession which will include personal experience and awareness that they can impart to their students.


2. To work collaboratively in providing international learning experiences with different cultures.


3. To help educators understand the hands on encounters of other cultures with respect to conflict resolution used to train students for current global life situations.


4. To join hands with other educators and organizations worldwide in helping the less fortunate with humanitarian, medical and especially educational assistance.

EPN - I.C.E. Partners

Embedded in our goals are to lead by example with service learning projects and to help the less fortunate internationally.  We have worked with Grace International and LIFE the last few years in Haiti.  We have assisted with Hope International in Honduras, Agape in Mexico City and Laredo, Score International in Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. In India, we assist an orphanage and a school in Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.  EPN-ICE will be taking on another EPN-ICE partner called San Jose's Escuela de Carrera.  This organization is working on the ground helping youth find their careers and develop a worldwide perspective.  Below are more specific summaries of our involvements.  As our organization grows, we plan to take on other EPN-ICE partners that we can serve around the world.


EPN-ICE has been providing educational assistance and aid in Haiti through Grace International.  They have been instrumental in starting a school in Haiti, which now serves about 50 children.  It is participating in the reconstruction of the school system, which was devastated by earthquakes and hurricanes.  Even though humanitarian assistance is in demand EPN-ICE also works closely with the development of sports enhancement with educational perspectives.  However, the work in Haiti is ongoing and very useful in training educators to be effective in working with students from the Haitian culture in every state in the USA.  We are currently in the planning stages for future trips.


EPN-ICE is working with Hope International in supporting an orphanage for children who have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which has the highest rate of murder per resident in the world.  They also have a school with over 100 children in 5 classrooms with 5 teachers in need of our assistance.  This project deepens the knowledge of educators to more effectively work with Latino students and gain an understanding of students that have come from abandoned and abused situations.  We are currently investigating dates for this trip in the near future.


EPN-ICE has partnered with various organizations, including VCH, Agape, and Cortez which are located throughout Mexico and Central America.  The economy and mass population influx into these communities have resulted in a large concern with 'bullying' and lack of career direction in the culture.  The understanding of the Hispanic culture from different indigenous people groups as well as the consideration of a generation with less than 40% that have a positive father image has lead EPN-ICE to encourage family values and creative family reconciliation logistics.  We have introduced methods to assist families living in the city dump, squatter camps and the hundred-thousands living in poverty develop a sense of community through access to education.  Plans are in progress for future involvement.

To Help

Internationally we get requests for continual assistance from many different organizations and schools.   They reach out to us due to constant states of need that result from economies which do not fully provide for adequate teachers' salaries, student's needs, and curriculum items such as textbooks, clothes, shoes, food, backpacks, toys, and school supplies.  


If you want to help in any these areas, designate your funds to specifically to a project or to EPN Inc.  

To Serve & Travel w/ EPN-I.C.E.

If you are interested in traveling with EPN - ICE you can request an application through an email at


We encourage you to consider getting involved in one of our International Cultural Experience projects or fundraisers.  Everyone can have a part in assisting our teachers to educate children as they prepare for their future and contribute through their gifts, talents, and abilities.

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